Created to Serve You

Cedar Storage Center is a local, family owned and operated storage facility started as a partnership between father Greg Pittman and son, Adam.

After years of patronizing the large storage facilities in Asheville with their design/build firm and not being satisfied with the level of service or accountability from corporate or absentee-owner operated storage facilities, Greg and Adam decided to build a better experience for themselves and their neighbors in North Asheville.

With this mission, Adam organized, designed and developed the concept. Greg has now operated every aspect of the Cedar Storage Center facility for more than four years. Greg is the person answering the phone, checking you in, keeping the inside and outside of the building clean and safe, while working with you to make your stay at Cedar Storage Center an enjoyable experience.

Greg Pittman and son Adam Pittman
Greg Pittman with son Adam, designer of Cedar Storage

A Look at Cedar Storage

brother wolf
hope for horses


Cedar Storage Center commits a portion of our profits to partner with organizations who address the issues of animals in need.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue works to protect and enhance the lives of animals by promoting a respect and love for them. As a no kill animal shelter they tediously work to find homes for previously unwanted animals.

Hope for Horses assists in rescuing and providing a valuable rehabilitation and adoption services, for the many unwanted, neglected and abused horses in our area.

Our family feels privileged to help organizations which are dear to our animal loving hearts.