Climate Control

Protecting your Belongings

All the self-storage units in our Asheville facility feature climate control. This means that your valuable possessions are safe from damage that might occur from extreme fluctuations in temperature, such as mildew or dry rot. Even if you have room for excess items in an attic or basement in your home or office, these areas may not provide the appropriate environment to safely store them. Each of the TK units in our 16,000-square-foot facility keeps the temperature within a range that protects items from freezing or overheating. If you have plans to store valuable belongings for a long period of time, it’s especially important to safeguard them in a climate-controlled environment. Reserve your unit today to protect the things that matter most to you! Contact us if you have more questions about our units.
Hallway of units at Cedar Storage Center

Here is a partial list of items that can benefit from the safe temperatures maintained in our units:

  • Valuable artwork, including oil or watercolor paintings
  • Irreplaceable family heirlooms, such as antique furniture, cherished photographs, or genealogical information
  • Important business documents, including paper files or electronic data
  • Prized collections like special wine and rare books, or valuable collectibles such as sports memorabilia
  • Sensitive musical instruments, such as pianos, violins, guitars, or banjos
  • Extra furnishings, especially made of leather or wood
  • Delicate or valuable items of clothing

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